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God’s a big subject, and at God Discussion, anything goes. The God Discussion show began airing on Blog Talk Radio in August 2009 and has enjoyed a variety of famous and not-so-famous guests. To name just

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  • Yes. No question is dumb.

    GodDiscussion, Some Link
  • Im about to sound really dumb. But is Eastern time which your show is posted for 10 right, this would mean NJ right

    Robin Elizabeth, Some Link
  • PRIORITY PROPHECY The prophecy that should take precedence in the minds of men today is, that Jesus is coming again. The most important question is, a

    steve finnell, Some Link
  • You identify a bonkers strain of feminism that seems dominant.. now that some atheists are opening their eyes and looking around the goings on in the

    Astrokid, Some Link
  • Get the word out. Scientology is all about abuse of human rights. This is something we can stop. The conversation is not that scientology is weird th

    Sarah James, Some Link